Proud To Be Voted Maui’s Best Health Food Store By Maui News 2016!

“Maui’s No.1 choice for those who care about their bodies and the land.”


At Mana Foods we’re so grateful to be such an appreciated, integral part of the community of Maui, and a thriving business for over 33 years.

We’re endlessly thankful for the longstanding, abundant customer support, and to us we see it as a win-win situation that enables us to keep growing and improving the store.

“The owners say a big MAHALO to the community and employees as they constantly aim to better satisfy customers. The produce aisles are wider and revamped; the deli features vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, meat, fish and poultry daily, using the highest-quality ingredients.”

Mahalo and cheers to many more years of quality food, supporting local farmers, improved environmentally friendly business practices and overall growth!  

MauiTime Best of Maui 2016: Best Health Food Store on Maui: Mana Foods


Here at Mana, nothing makes us happier than doing our jobs well, making Mana Foods the best it can be, and making sure that our customers are satisfied.

Being named The Best Health Food Store On Maui by MauiTime for 2016 is an incredible honor and we're so grateful!

Many mahalos, we love you Maui!

Maui News: Mana Foods Voted Best Health Food Store on Maui 2015

By The Maui News

By The Maui News

Best of Maui Voted Mana Foods Best Health Food Store on Maui 2015

September 6th, 2015, By The Maui News

A walk through the meandering aisles at Mana Foods in Paia quickly reveals the company's commitment to sustainability and healthy living. 

Shelves are jam-packed with a variety of natural and organic products, including the produce aisle that features many items grown right in Hawaii. The use of natural ingredients goes beyond food products and extends to the packaging of deli items and meat selections. 

The store's departments include grocery, produce, meat, health and beauty, specialty cheese, deli, bakery and raw foods. By buying products in large volumes, the store is able to pass on savings to customers, making nutritious foods more readily available to all. 

Photo by Carla Tracy

Photo by Carla Tracy

MauiTime Best of Maui 2015: Best Health Food Store on Maui: Mana Foods


July 22nd, 2015, By JEN RUSSO

Paia’s health food store is so much more than just healthy food. The family-owned market specializes in seeking out the most sustainable gmo-free consumables, gourmet proteins and fresh baked goods you can find on Maui. The shop may be small but it manages to pack in ready-made hot foods, grab and go items, a salad bar, beauty and body products, house wares, clothing and a superior collection of chocolate. @Jenrusso

52% (49 Baldwin Ave., Paia); 808-579-8078;

Runners Up: Down to Earth, 11%; Hawaiian Moons, 11%; Whole Foods Market, 9%


Maui Time: Best Health Food Store 2014

Quote from Maui Time: "Our readers will face the insanity of parking in Paia just to shop at Mana foods. The amount of whole food goodness packed into their building on Baldwin Avenue is so worth it. Their health foods are well selected, the produce locally sourced and the hot foods, bakery and body products are stellar, too." We would like to thank our customers for voting us Best Health Food Store once again!


Maui Times Best of Maui 2013: Winner of Best Health Food

This is more than just our island's best health food store. It's a Paia landmark, and part of the Northshore lifestyle. There's more natural food packed inside Mana than you'd think possible. There are natural foods, locally grown produce, fresh breads and gourmet dairy products. You can also dive into their hot foods bar, which has wonderful breakfast burritos and tofu summer rolls.


Zagat 2013 Mana Foods

"Not to be missed when in Paia," especially "if you're a health-food store connoisseur and enjoy the eclectic" concur acolytes who alight at this "amazing grocery" standby that "supports local farmers and companies"; it's "well stocked" with a "cool selection of everything edible", from "fresh organic produce" and "delicious hot food" to specialty cheeses and bread from its own bakery, plus "you can't beat the prices."As rated in the 2013 Hawaii Guide


Maui News September 2013

Mana Foods voted Best Health Food store, is celebrating it's 30th birthday at the end of this October. The article reads: "Their mantra sums it up: wholesome food at honest prices. That's exactly what Mana Foods delivers. The popular Paia store is packed with healthy alternatives to life's essentials - from organic grass-fed beef to gluten-free options. The true highlight is the produce department, which overflows with organic and locally sourced fruits and veggies in every color of the rainbow.

Besides its vast selection of products, Mana Foods has also evolved into the community's health food store, where old friends reunite and new ones are made."


Maui News September 2012

Mana Foods, now in its 29th year of business on Maui, has been voted Best Health Food for the third year in a row. A Baldwin Avenue landmark in Paia, Mana Foods is the place to go for the most vibrant, colorful selection of organic produce on the island. The store also uses the finest organic ingredients in its deli and even carries natural beauty products, like body cream, made with local, organic ingredients. From its large vitamin room to its natural cleaning products, Mana Foods is the place health conscious residents like to shop for variety and value. “We try hard to keep prices down and get products people like,” said co-owner Theresa Thielk. “We emphasize freshness.” Watch for a big expansion of the deli department with an addition being planned for the coming year. “There will be all new deli equipment,” said Thielk. Shoppers will also notice wider aisles in the produce department that was made possible during a recent expansion of the cooler space.


Maui Times July 2012

Mana Foods voted best Health Food Store on Maui" For more than a quarter century, Mana Foods has been the grocery store of the North Shore with a hot food deli, bakery, dry goods, humanely raised meats and organic produce. They are serious about their task of bringing healthy foods to Paia without gouging their customers' wallets. Spread the Mana–our readers certainly are. 49 Baldwin Ave., Paia; 808-579-8078;" You can read the original content here


Maui News 2011

Best Food Market: Mana FoodsThe depth, diversity, quality and value of Mana Foods comes shining through as the winner of Best Food Market, a new category in this year's contest. "Wow," says Mana Foods co-owner Theresa Thielk upon learning of the market's two first place wins (they were also voted Best Health Food). "We try to keep our prices good and offer lots of variety . . . We try to satisfy all of our customers."

Now in its 28th year of business on the Valley Isle, Mana Foods is the place to find an excellent selection local produce. "It's bright and fresh," said Thielk of the colorful, well-stocked display area. There's also a vitamin room, deli and bakery, natural cleaning products, bulk-item self-service area and much more. "We have the best selection of chocolates on the island," says Thielk. Another aspect that makes Mana Foods stand apart from other markets on Maui is its large selection of international foods. Examples include olives, pasta, hot sauces, Asian foods, Armenian and kosher foods. "It's super dynamic," says Thielk. "Every local thing imaginable is also there . . . We're always bringing in new kinds of products."


Maui News 2011

Best Health Food Store: Mana Foods"We have the most organic produce of any store on the island," says Mana Foods Co-Owner Theresa Thielk. "It's our focus." It is also just one of the reasons that Mana Foods was voted Best Health Food for the second year in a row. "We use the finest ingredients in our deli," Thielk continues. "It's all organic, it's costly for us but people trust us that it's in there.We offer something for everybody. There's a wide variety." The store's philosophy extends to the selection of natural beauty and vitamin products. Many of the beauty products, like body creme, are of local "organic" origin. In addition to taking taking top honors for Best Health Food, Mana Foods was also chosen by voters as the Best Food Market on Maui. That says a lot about the value, selection, quality and service shoppers experience at Mana Foods. "This health nut loves Fresh Mint and Mana Foods'" writes Best of Maui voter K. Holmes of Kula. "Keep it real and green for gardens and whales, too!"


Maui Time 2011

Best Health Food Store: Mana FoodsMana is an incredible grocery store serving the North Shore and the rest of Maui from their Baldwin Avenue location. The store is small but it's a lesson in efficiency. They have so many goods packed in there it's magical. Mana has been open for the past 25 years and started with the philosophy of selling local produce and fruits way before it was a popular notion. Mana also sells locally manufactured goods, bakes their own bread and pastries, has their own butcher, sells organic clothing lines, and has a great beauty section. Their hot foods bar offers an amazing selection of veggie delights like the spanikopita, teriyaki tofu and more. This is a market for the people by the people, and you voted it best.


Maui Time Weekly 2010

Best Health Food Store: Mana FoodsEvery time I go into Mana Foods—celebrating 25 years serving Maui's health food community—it's a hub of activity. From their quaint light-green storefront, you enter into an emporium of organic, natural, gourmet and prepared foods. They also have vitamins, home and garden goods, books, body care and organic clothes. There's a bakery and a hot food section that features vegan, vegetarian and lots of gluten free options. Their customer service is great, and they put a lot of thought into the providing the best products at the best prices. I love the produce section, where they feature a bounty of Maui grown veggies. Whether you're shopping for groceries or just looking for a good-for-your-body snack, Mana Foods is the spot. 49 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, 579-8078, @jenrusso In the July 22, 2010 Best of Maui edition of Maui Time Weekly

The Maui News 2010 Best Health Food "Beating big competition from the new kid on the block. Mana Foods proves to be the front runner with loyal Maui customers who voted it "Best Health Food." "They still find us the best and that's very gratifying," says Mana Foods co-owner Theresa Thielk. Now in its 27th year, Mana Foods is popular with Maui shoppers for its selection, prices, and service. In addition to vegetarian items, the store has a wide range of natural poultry, fish and beef, whole grains and even natural cleaning products. Mana Foods also has a vitamin room, deli with prepared hot food and a bakery. "We apprecieate the support," says Theresa. "We try very hard to be the best in every aspect of our business." - By Carla Tracy

June 2010: 1st place, prize winning Thai Beef Salad

Mana Foods' Chef Ann Gale recently won first place for her Thai Beef Salad (see recipe below) in the Maui Cattle Company cooking contest. This is the first contest Ann has every entered and she took the blue ribbon! The cooking contest was held at the 30th Annual Upcountry Ag & Farm Fair last weekend, June 12 and 13, 2010.


6 New York steaks

1 medium red onion

1 basket Hana Fresh cherry tomatoes

3 stalks of Maui lemongrass

½ bunch locally grown cilantro

2 tablespoons fish sauce

2 Maui limes

1 tablespoon red chili flakes (more to taste if you like)

4-6 tablespoons olive oil Lettuce for garnish

Slice of red bell pepper for garnish

Sear 6 NY steaks with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. Slice thinly and set aside. Chop cilantro and lemongrass, mix with fish sauce, red chili flakes, juice of two limes, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Thinly slice the red onion and cherry tomatoes. Toss with herb mixture. Add steak. Serve on a bed of lettuce and garnish with a slice of red pepper.Serves 6-8 people.


Maui Time Best of Maui 2009: Best Health Food Store

Shopping at most natural food stores is not too different from spending the weekend in Waikiki, in that you might as well just turn your wallet upside down an pour its contents into the ocean. This is not so with Mana Foods. Numerous times, I have exited this mecca for the health conscious rather surprised at the comparatively low sum I had to fork over for my B complex, sprouted tofu and Molokai papayas. While price is a major factor in the place’s appeal, the variety they feature in all departments—especially produce and supplements—are also a draw. This is the only place on-island where you’ll find Indian dhoop, which are these tiny incense sticks that smell the way honey wishes it tasted—and at around 30 cents a box.