Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Rustic Roll

Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Rustic Roll

Dietary: Gluten Free

Meal type: Lunch, Main Dish

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Recipe Summary

An easy filling recipe accompanies these satisfying crusty rolls.


    Crock Pot Pulled Pork

    • 3-4lb Lean Pork (Cut of your choice - (pork sirloin tip works well))

    • 1 Yellow Onion

    • 32oz BBQ Sauce (Your favorite gluten-free version)

    • 1 bottle Beer (Your favorite gluten-free brew)

    Rustic Sandwich Rolls

    • 4 cups Pamela's Pizza Crust Mix

    • 4.5 teaspoons Yeast

    • 2.25 cups Warm Water (Max 110 degrees)

    • .25 cup Olive oil

    • Extra Pizza Mix or Rice Flour (For rolling)


    Crock Pot Pulled Pork

    Step 1

    Slice peeled onion into long slivers.

    Step 2

    Place 1/2 of onion in the bottom of crock pot, 16 oz. of BBQ sauce, and the bottle of beer in the crock pot, mix together.

    Step 3

    Add pork and cover with remaining onions.

    Step 4

    Cover crock pot. Start on high; once simmering, turn down to low.

    Step 5

    Check first at 6 hours, but cooking can take up to 8 or 10 hours depending on cut of meat and amount of meat in the crock pot. Pork is done when it starts to break apart when squeezed with a pair of tongs.

    Step 6

    Remove from hot liquid and let cool completely. Discard liquid.

    Step 7

    When pork is cooled, shred and mix with enough remaining BBQ sauce for pork mixture to be moist.

    Step 8

    Serve large helping of hot pulled pork on a freshly baked sandwich roll. Pork can be reheated in microwave or in a covered pan over very low heat before serving. Serve with extra BBQ sauce and a side of coleslaw.

    Chef’s Note: Make pork ahead of time in the crock pot. Extra can be wrapped and frozen for later use.

    Rustic Sandwich Rolls

    Step 9

    Rolls take 3 or more hours to make with rising and cooling time, so make sure you allow enough time for the rolls to finish.

    Pre-heat oven to 475°, place rack in top third of oven.

    Step 10

    Double the recipe on Pamela’s Pizza Mix bag for Crusty Dinner Rolls to make 6 large hamburger sized rolls. Split dough into 6 equal portions, approximately 1 ½ cups for each roll.

    Step 11

    Using extra pizza mix or rice flour for dusting, roll dough into tall rounds, rolls will spread wide. Place on greased sheet pan or on parchment. Let dough sit for 15 minutes after forming, then bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

    Step 12

    If using thermometer, internal temperature should be 205°. Let cool completely before slicing. Rolls can be made ahead of time and frozen. Reheat before serving with Pulled Pork.