"Mana Foods is a must-experience local store in Paia"

Many Mahalos to Maui Sunriders Bike Company for the awesome review! We're always so humbled and excited when we stumble upon reviews such as this one! 

"...you absolutely MUST spend time in this uniquely awesome place. Mana is a one-of-a-kind, definitely Paia, iconic local place to shop for everything that is largely organic, locally-sourced produce, rare finds in foods like buffalo, venison, chocolate, Jack and Dragon Fruit, with a complete hot and cold food deli, bulk coffee, grains, pasta and on-site bakery." -Maui Sunriders
"The “chocolate wall” is a chocolate lovers dream come true! You’ll also find home-remedy supplies, health and beauty items and much more in this labyrinth of pure community-driven, health-conscious grocery store." -Maui Sunriders

"The Best Local Grocery To Find Organic, Gluten Free, Locally Grown Produce & Fresh Pastries On The Island"

The glowing review of Mana Foods from http://www.davefutch.com/mana-foods-paia-maui/ makes us proud and so grateful!

The article starts by saying...

"On 49 Baldwin Avenue in Paia you will find what looks like an ordinary looking grocery store from the outside.  But don’t  be fooled, because Mana Foods is nothing ordinary! It’s actually quite extraordinary in it’s variety and selection of whole, natural foods  and offerings."
"Once you step inside and look around, you will see it’s the best local grocery to find organic, gluten free, locally grown produce and fresh pastries on the island.  There is a bakery, a beauty/supplement area, bulk spices and other bulk ingredients, non-GMO items, hot and cold prepared dishes, raw food bar, fresh produce, fresh juices and so much more. Surprisingly, many items you may even be able to get for a fraction of the cost of a juice bar joint on the mainland.  It is that reasonable! The staff is helpful and very knowledgeable."

It continues on with reviews of the grocery, produce, meat, health & beauty, specialty cheese, deli, bakery, raw food and salad bar departments. 

The produce department review is particularly awesome and put huge smiles on our faces...

" 'No trip to Mana Foods would be complete without a walk down the longest, most colorful, and alive aisle in the store.' quoted right off Mana Foods web site, and let me tell you, it’s TRUE! It is simply beautiful!  The fruits and vegetables are amazingly colorful and full of tropical exotics!"

In regards to the environment and community, the article states...

"Mana Foods uses biodegradable plastic wear and to-go containers that are made from corn. They also allow local farmers to pick-up any compost that they have. Throughout the store, you’ll notice that they’ve installed LED lights. Other than caring for the environment, Mana Foods also cares for the community by donating to different organizations every month. A list of these organizations can be found on their website."

At Mana Foods we're always striving to do our absolute best on all fronts and reviews such as this one make us feel appreciated and honored to be such a big part of the Maui community. Many mahalos! 




"The best natural food store on Maui. Better food, selection & pricing than the chain supermarkets."

MauiGuideBook.Com Honored Us With A Raving Review! Naming Mana Foods "The Best Natural Food Store On Maui. Better Food, Selection & Pricing Than The Chain Supermarkets."

"What makes Mana Foods #1 is that they’re well beyond just being “the local natural foods store.” They carry the island’s widest selection of the highest quality fresh and healthy food. The icing on the vegan chocolate cake is their fair pricing – I come out of there with a consistently smaller receipt and a much healthier bag of groceries than I do at Safeway or Foodland."
"Located on the North Shore in Paia Town, Maui’s old plantation town has a defining character all its own. In a trip through the isles of Mana you’re guaranteed to see more than your fair share of yogi’s, surfers, hippies, trust-fund babies and tourists. Mana Foods is a hub of the highly diverse North Shore Maui community." -mauiguidebook.com

The article continues on to review Mana Foods' prepared foods, baked goods, meat and dairy departments, vitamin room, stacked chocolate selection, teas and everything else Mana has to offer!  

"The vitamin room is like a store within the store – it is also somewhat misnamed. Like the rest of Mana this room is packed with a very diverse selection of items, and that includes much more than just vitamins. You can find everything from remedies, candles, incense and cosmetics to oils, lotions, tarot cards and clothing. The vitamin room also has its own dedicated staff who have specialized knowledge of the products." -mauiguidebook.com

We're so honored and grateful for Maui Guid Book's article about us and are proud to share it with all of you! 

Many Mahalos to MauiGuideBook.com for the five star rating and beautiful write-up on our store! 

Mana Foods Lands A Cameo in "11 of the Best US Cities For Vegans"


We were honored and excited to discover that we were  mentioned in MatadorNetwork's Article "11 of the Best US Cities For Vegans" by Kristin Lajeunesse

"Another fantastic and super vegan-friendly grocer is Mana Foods (located in the popular town of Paia), which features tons of fresh produce from local farmers, a smashing hot-bar and prepared sandwiches bar, and many packaged vegan products. Packed from floor to ceiling, including a dynamic supplements area, it’s cool just to go check it out, if not to actually buy anything."

Take a peek at the full article if you're feelin' it! 

And, mahalo to MatadorNetwork & Kristin Lajeunesse!

13 Glowing Reviews of Mana Foods by HappyCow.Net

13 Glowing Reviews of Mana Foods by HappyCow.Net

We'd like to extend a big thank you to our friends at happycow.net and all of the Mana Foods fans who took the time to give such wonderful reviews on the Happy Cow website!  

Trip Advisor Ranks Mana Foods The #1 Restaurant In Paia, & #2 For The Island Of Maui!

2016 Trip Advisor Rankings Are In, And Mana Foods Is Honored With Our Standings! 

Mana Foods is incredibly honored that Trip Advisor has ranked us the #1 restaurant in Paia, and the #2 Restaurant on the entire island on of Maui!

Trip Advisor reviewed 29 restaurants in Paia town and a total of 756 restaurants for the entire island of Maui and we are so proud of our standings.

Thank you Maui! You inspire us to continue to to the absolute best job that we can do to continue to make Mana Foods a favorite. Cheers!