Hemp Hemp Hooray: Maui CBD & Super-Herbs Explained!


Maui CBD and Maui Super-herbs are promoting health and vitality in our community!

Shop local, buy local… Mana Foods loves supporting our local community and we love that our local community supports us! Here’s a bit about why and how Maui CBD is causing such a healthy stir!

Hemp hemp hooray!


The versatile hemp plant has a long history of being used for paper, fiber, clothing, oil (from the seeds) and now extracts of the medicinal cannabinoid constituents widely used for anxiety and neuropsychological issues. It’s truly amazing that the hemp plant has so many uses and the marketing of the cannabinoids from hemp is now one of the hottest trends.  While the CBD craze is exploding in the natural foods industry, many are jumping in blindly to try it, but also confusing the CBD HEMP products with her sister cannabis plants.

It’s time to get back to the garden…

Are you concerned about where the CBD comes from, who the farmer is, or what type of farming practices are used to grow this sacred species of plant?  Well, we all should be! 

Here’s why…


Maui has always been a place where people are inspired, curious, and most products that come from the state of Hawaii are made with Aloha and consciousness on many levels. Located on Maui, Maui CBD is a company that loves their plants like they are family!  Maui CBD grows their plants on family farms that are 3 acres or less, so that it’s easy to maintain high integrity with harvesting drying and curing by hand. 

Maui CBD is a small company devoted to community service and micro-farms in Hawaii. Farming on sacred land, they don’t believe in monoculture and grow over 125 herbs, foods and trees using permaculture and biodynamic methods of farming including companion planting and making their own soil preps and amendments.


We had the opportunity to talk with Karuna, Maui CBD’s community herbalist. Karuna works regularly with the Veteran’s Alliance, donates his hemp CBD products to those in need, and teaches people of the Maui community how they can transform their lives with plant medicine.

Cosmic plants can teach us great lessons…

Karuna explains, “The plants want us to share and the hemp plant is the gateway plant back to the garden.” 

Maui CBD products are synergistically blended with other medicinal herbs, ensuring that these products have a higher purpose, vibration and potency to attain specific healing goals.

You can find Maui CBD products in the vitamin room at Mana Foods or try a single dose to enhance your morning drink at Maka.