meat1All those of a carnivorous nature should check out our extensive collection in the meat department. We have a large variety of meats that have not been injected with nasty hormones or antibiotics. The animals even get feed and grass that are free of herbicides and pesticides.

We offer a wide selection of organic and grass fed beef as well as natural, free range, and organic chicken and turkey. Our butchers are standing by to help you choose a cut. We regularly stock buffalo, venison and wild boar and if you have a taste for the exotic just ask us, and we can get you elk, ostrich, rabbit, duck, alligator or kangaroo. We can even get you Peking duck!

Our seafood section has a changing menu because we like to bring in the very freshest fish and shellfish. Try ahi, opah, mahi mahi or salmon. Steam up some clams or mussels or throw some shrimp on the BBQ. Ninety percent of our fish is locally caught, other cold water varieties come in from New Zealand and Alaska.
We also have a large array of packaged sausages including Mana’s own pork and buffalo beef sausage, as well as sliced meats for your lunchbox and smoked fish to nibble on.