Reasons I Couldn't Make It To Work Part III ... Mana Foods' Staff Favorites Heard Over The Years!


The 3rd addition to the blog series "Reasons I couldn't Make It To Work"

These Are All True, & All Direct From Mana Foods' Archives ... Enjoy!

"I wont be making it to work today because I've decided to participate in Chinese Water Dog Day. Therefor I cannot leave my house because I will be honoring the day by staying home."

There are just some traditions that cannot be ignored, and its never too late to adopt new ones into your life -especially on a day that you're scheduled to work!  

Priorities my friend, priorities! 

Mana Foods Loves Supporting Local Businesses & Is Proud to Carry Soap by Maui Soap Company!

At Mana Foods, supporting local, likeminded businesses is very high on our priority list, & we're proud to carry soaps by Maui Soap Company!

In the name of supporting overall conscious business practices, we wanted to send a warm Mahalo to all likeminded companies & consumers.

And, we wanted to send an especially big "Thank You" to Maui Soap Company for being a great example of a local company that is striving to be the best they can be. 

Maui Soap Company believes in being handmade & locally made, using natural ingredients, ethically sourcing ingredients & supporting the community of Maui with community involvement! These are all values that we also hold very dear to us at Mana Foods. 

And, on that note, from all of us at Mana Foods, cheers to the beautiful island of Maui & the support of local, likeminded businesses!

Image Source: Maui Soap Company

Image Source: Maui Soap Company

Things I Overheard At Mana, And So Glad I Did ... Listen To Your Inner Voice!

Here's the 4th addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did"

Considering the plethora of interesting daily occurrences that take place at Mana, we feel this series of short stories is too good to keep to ourselves, and hope you enjoy! 

Listen to your Inner Voice!

I was passing by two people chatting in the produce aisle of Mana Foods.

I've learned to pay close attention to these otherwise seemingly mundane moments, and sure enough, on this particular day, a gem floated by for the taking.

" guided meditation led me to Mana Foods..."

And that was all it took to put a little smile on my face and make me feel as though my daily Mana experience was complete. 


By Haley Ferguson | 9/19/16 | Short Stories From Mana Foods

Things I Overheard At Mana, And So Glad I did ... God Is Watching Us, Or So I Was Told

Here's the third addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did"

Considering the plethora of interesting daily occurrences that take place at Mana, we feel this series of short stories is too good to keep to ourselves, and hope you enjoy! 

God Is Watching Us, Or So I Was Told


One morning, as I exited Mana Foods I noticed a man seated alone on the ground out in front of the store. He was wearing a pair of large headphones and loudly singing a song I didn't recognize. When he noticed me, he looked me directly in the eyes, and without taking off his headphones he confidently announced, 

"Michael Jackson is God, and you better get it together man!"

It was clear that he was talking to me and so I nodded and slowly walked away. The man continued singing and the day carried on like any other. 


By Haley Ferguson | 8/19/16 | Short Stories From Mana Foods

Our Sister Company, Maka By Mana, Has Just Launched Their New Website & Is Feeling Refreshed & Better Than Ever!

Maka By Mana Is Looking Better Than Ever With Their Website Makeover!


Maka by Mana is a raw and vegan food restaurant, and is an addition to our very own family-operated grocery store, Mana Foods

Maka, located just up the street from Mana Foods, in Paia, offers a wide selection of raw and vegan dishes, made only from the highest quality ingredients.

The restaurant is built on the core standard of creating and offering the healthiest, purest food for nourishment, wellness, and longevity! They offer a large menu, including salads, breakfast, sandwiches and wraps, entrees, desserts, as well as a variety delicious fresh juices, smoothies, elixirs, and tonics. 


Because sustainability is important to us and Maka, they source ingredients locally as much as possible. All other ingredients are sourced from Mana Foods allowing them to maintain the quality of each dish they serve.  And, they apply strict standards, using only organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Needless to say, we love Maka, and are proud to announce the launch of their new website. We invite you all to take a peek at the site, and to stop in for a meal at Maka soon!



Maka Website Photography & Design By Pueo Creations

Maka Website Photography & Design By Pueo Creations

Why Mana Foods' Bag Credit Program Has Chosen to Partner With Maui Huliau Foundation During June 2016

Mana Foods Is Proud To Support Various Local Non-Profit Organizations Through Our Bag Credit Program, And During The Month Of June 2016 We’ll Be Raising Money For Maui Huliau Foundation (A Local 501(C)(3) Non-Profit).  


Every month, Mana Foods donates to different organizations. It’s really easy: whenever you bring your own grocery bag to Mana Foods, you receive a bag credit of $0.05. You can donate this or take it off your bill.  We felt inspired to dedicate the month of June to Maui Huliau Foundation and hope the following inspires you as well!

Photo By Sue Hudelson

Photo By Sue Hudelson

Maui Huliau Foundation was founded in 2010 by Malia Cahill with a mission to promote environmental literacy and leadership among Maui’s youth through community-based educational experiences.

“My hope is that we can help build a new generation of young leaders who understand the environmental issues we're facing, and have the skills and inspiration to work together towards innovative solutions. It’s all about empowering them to realize that they can make a difference and that it can be a very rewarding and exciting experience to work together on innovative solutions.”   -Cahill

Maui Huliau’s largest program is Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club, which over the past 6 years has involved hundreds of students from 16 schools on Maui in creating more than 40 short environmental films from documentaries to music videos. These films have been selected more than 50 times in festivals around the world and have won multiple awards.  

Other Programs By Maui Huliau Foundation Include:

“Our core vision is to create and maintain a sustainable Maui by inspiring active, educated, and innovative stewardship. Through our unique hands-on programs, we seek to educate and empower Maui's 12-18 year-olds to become future stewards of our natural environment.
In the past couple of years this has really begun to happen with our  Alumni-Led Summer Program and our students taking a leading role in statewide projects like Ocean Friendly Restaurants. The Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation and Johnson ʻOhana Foundation started by Jack and Kim Johnson have been important partners in these efforts. We’re so fortunate to have people like Jack and Kim in our Hawaiʻi community, who understand how critical environmental education is in shaping our islands’ long term environmental health, and  work to empower schools and organizations, like Maui Huliau Foundation.” -Cahill
The funds raised through Mana Foods Bag Credit program during the month of June 2016, are so incredibly appreciated, and will be added to our student-managed "Huliau Youth Leaders" budget that our leadership students and alumni can use to help launch and fund their on-going youth led projects.  Past projects have included Ocean Friendly Restaurants, #Sporkitup and the Eat Local Project.” -Cahill

Upcoming Events By Maui Huliau Foundation:  

  • June 4th at The ʻĪao Theater - The 6th annual Huliau Youth Environmental Film Festival. This event  will showcase the 8 most recent films made by our Huliau Environmental Filmmaking Club students.

  • July 12-15th - The alumni-led summer program Huliau Eco-Adventure summer camp.

  • August 6th at the beautiful Sugar Beach Events venue on the beach in north Kihei - The 4th annual Huliau Food & Film Festival - This annual farm-to-table benefit dinner features incredible food from local chefs and the showing of student-produced films. We were honored to have Mana Foods as a main sponsor in our first year to help us launch this event.

“There’s a true shift happening on Maui right now that’s very exciting, and more people are working together to show what’s possible in terms of sustainability and quality of life in Hawaii. In the past 6 years I’ve met farmers, conservationists, chefs, teachers, business owners and other community leaders who are working together on innovative solutions, and who have generously shared their time and passion with our students. Engaging youth in sharing these stories with the larger community has been an amazing experience for me personally and has shaped many of my students into the amazing young leaders they are becoming today.” -Cahill

Mana Foods is so proud to give back to the Maui Community that we love so much, and are so grateful for your contributions! 

By saving bags, you help our ‘aina; by donating credits, you help our community! Every little bit helps and can add up to make a big difference!  

Remember to bring your own grocery bag to Mana Foods to receive a bag credit of $0.05. You can donate this or take it off your bill.

Mana Foods is excited to support The Maui Huliau Foundation through our Bag Credit Program during the month of June 2016!

By Haley Ferguson | 6/01/16 | Mana Foods Bag Credit Program

Miyoko's kitchen Vegan Cheeses In-Store Demo | Sunday April 24th 3pm-6pm

An open invitation to all to sample Miyoko's Kitchen's Nut Cheeses at Mana Foods on Sunday April 24th from 3pm to 6pm!

"Welcome to Miyoko’s Kitchen! Whether you crave some creamy richness for yourself or to throw a fancy wine and cheese party for your friends, you’ll find everything you need right here! No matter how you slice it, our goal is simple – to make the very best artisan vegan cheese available worldwide, and spread it everywhere! Handcrafted with love in California — for the animals, the planet, and your health. Donating 1% of all online sales to our non-profit for April, Institute for Humane Education." 

For those of you who love tasty, high-quality, organic, vegan/dairy free, gluten free foods, we think its due time that you try some of Miyoko's Kitchen's goodies!

So swing through Mana and pay our demo bar a quick visit (located near the cheese section of Mana Foods) on Sunday, April 24th from 3pm to 6pm!

(All images from

Post By Haley Ferguson

Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did ... There's A First Time For Everything!

Here's the second addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did"

Considering the plethora of interesting daily occurrences that take place at Mana, we feel this series of short stories is long overdue, and hope you enjoy! 

There's A First Time For Everything! 


I was about to enter Mana, when I noticed a man and a woman talking outside of the store. They exchanged a hug and the man said, "Wow! You look great, I've never seen you with your clothes on." I paused, and felt confused, but the only option was to walk on into the store. 


By Haley Ferguson | 4/11/16 | Short Stories From Mana Foods