Mana offers an extensive collection of high-quality meat, including a wide variety of organic, grass fed, free-range, and hormone and antibiotic-free choices. We are proud to carry meat from farms that feed their livestock food that is herbicide and pesticide free.  

We regularly stock beef, turkey, chicken, buffalo, venison, wild boar, elk, ostrich, duck, and Peking duck. We can special order rabbit, alligator, and kangaroo. We have custom butchers working at the store who are happy to take special orders for lamb or rib roasts for holidays and special occasions.

 Our seafood section has an alternating selection, so that we can offer the freshest fish and shellfish. Ninety percent of our fish is locally caught, and the cold-water varieties come from Scotland and Alaska. Our seafood options include ahi, opah, mahi mahi, salmon, mussels, clams, shrimp and much more!  

We also carry a large array of quality packaged sausages, including Mana’s own pork and buffalo beef sausage, as well as sliced meats and smoked fish.