Zellee Organic, Vegan Fruit Gel In-Store Demo Saturday May 21st, 3pm-6pm

Come by Mana Foods' Demo Bar, Today From 3pm-6pm (Saturday May 21st), To Sample Zellee Organic, Vegan Fruit Gel In A Pouch! 

"At Zellee Organic, we passionately believe that healthy living starts with what we put in our bodies.  But we also know that having fun is an important ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. We’re committed to making healthy eating fun…fruitfully fun and fruitfully delicious."

With, three amazing flavors, and the following long list of healthy reasons, it's hard to come up with one not to to treat yourself to Zellee Fruit Gels!

  • organic and non-GMO

  • no added sugar

  • no added color

  • no artificial ingredients

  • vegan

  • naturally gluten-free

  • none of the 8 major allergens

  • 60-70 calories

  • 0 grams of fat

  • 100% daily value of Vitamin C

Made With Ingredients To Celebrate!

Real Fruit

"Yes, there’s real fruit inside! If you have a fine palate and eat our fruit gels regularly (which we hope you do!), you may notice that the taste and flavor can vary slightly from pouch to pouch. This is a good thing…well, because there’s real fruit inside and nature doesn’t promise the same taste in every bite. It’s proof that you are actually eating real fruit!"


"Konjac makes us gel! Konjac is a plant that is native to eastern Asia. It has been used in Japanese cuisine for centuries and as a medicinal herb in China for thousands of years. We think it’s the safest and healthiest way to make a gel."

Natural Vitamin C

"We want Natural! We are believers in getting our vitamins from natural sources rather than synthetic products like ascorbic acid for vitamin C. Our fruit gels are packed with vitamin C from fruit ingredients, including high-quality organic acerola powder. Sure, it costs a lot more than ascorbic acid, but we think you deserve the best!"

nothing scary!

"Our other ingredients, which are used in very small amounts, have also been carefully and thoughtfully selected. Our natural flavors are all certified organic and non-GMO fruit flavors, and they help to add some consistency in taste from batch to batch. We also use xanthan gum, which is a plant-based thickening agent, and citric acid, which adds a bit of tang to balance out the sweetness of the fruits. Both are non-GMO and do not have any traces of allergens such as soy, wheat and dairy."

Happy Saturday, hope to see you for a tasty sample at Mana Foods' Demo Bar From 3-6pm!