Laird Hamilton is evolving & the world of nutrition couldn't be happier...

"You're either evolving or you're devolving" says world class waterman, Laird Hamilton. Laird's latest venture, Laird Superfood, has the nutrition world buzzing and here at Mana Foods we thought the story was worthy of telling. 

So, what is Laird Superfood you ask? 

In a nutshell it's a line of high-quality, multi-purpose coffee creamers and coffee. But the details behind this company are what really tell the whole story and reveal what makes these products so unique.  

Mana Foods is proud to carry several Laird Superfood products including, Instafuel, Tumeric Creamer, Cacao Creamer, Unsweetened Dairy Free Creamer, and the Original Dairy Free Creamer. They're all located in the coffee & tea aisle, near the local coffee and tea. 

"These products provide the minerals and nutrients you need to sustain your energy and improve your performance... It's not just for extreme sports or for professional athletes... They're designed for anyone who's looking to get a little more out of life."-Laird Hamilton

Laird's inspired, "ah-ha moment" materialized when he was adding a scoop of butter to his morning cup of coffee. "Being a fan of the Ketogenic Diet, I recognized the need for healthy fats," Laird said. "And I absolutely love a good cup of coffee, so I started experimenting with different ways to combine the two. I knew there had to be a better way... better sweetener, better fat, better creamer, better nutrition. -Laird Superfood 

"The result is Laird Superfood Creamer, a non-dairy, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan alternative to traditional creamers. Instead of butter, Laird's powdered creamer is a mix of healthy oils, coconut milk, coconut nectar and Aquamin, nature's best source of calcium. It's a tasty, nutrient-dense beverage booster that will transform your morning coffee into an important part of a healthy diet." -Laird Superfood 

"Of course, you don't want to add innovative new creamer to a crummy old cup of coffee, so Laird scoured the world for the richest, most complex organic coffee.  He started with high-altitude, shade-grown beans from Peru that have very low acidity. Then he found a grower that employs a rare, wet-processing technique that eliminates the chance of contamination and flavor degradation. The beans are slow-roasted in small batches using a drum roaster and, finally, vacuum-sealed in an oxygen-free package." -Laird Superfood 

Since Laird practically lives in the ocean he's extremely sensitive to environmental issues and sustainability.  Every ingredient is sourced from like-minded organizations like Palm Done Right and Natural Habitats, which adheres to the highest standards for palm oil farming and production. The Red Plam oil is sourced from Ecuador, not SE Asia and No deforestation, No farmer exploitation, No pollution or artificial processes whasoever.  By the summer of 2017 every Laird Superfood product will be certified organic. -Laird Superfood 

“My biggest concern as a businessman – what keeps me up a night – is the consistency and quality of the products that are a reflection of who I am,” Laird says. "I need products that are authentic to who I am, and what I believe in… I believe in innovation and authenticity. I believe that the foods you eat should be as good for the earth as they are for you. And I believe that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you're doing." -Laird Hamilton 

*All images, quotes & videos were sourced from the Laird Superfood website.