This local company is good for you and the environment... Here's why...


We’re proud to be carrying olive oil by Olinda Olive Orchard and thought their story was one worth telling. As always, we are so happy to be partnering with a local company that produces a quality product while also prioritizing the health of the environment.


“Olinda Olive Orchard is committed to always providing the purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our dedication to responsible agriculture is of the utmost importance. As a consequence, we aim to provide an extremely health promoting product that is beneficial for not only the individual, but for the entire community. In doing so, our wish is the Olinda natural essence is captured in every bottle and enjoyed in every drop of our precious oil.” -Olinda Olive Orchard

Did you know…

“Olive trees are thought to have appeared around 6,000 BC in the area of Syria… These trees and their fruit have always played an important role in civilization. For more than four thousand years, the olive tree has been a symbol of peace and longevity. Historically, the original purpose of growing olives in California was for the making of oil, with the first olive oil being produced in 1803.”


“For thousands of years, olive oil has had infinite uses including culinary, medicinal, beauty, rituals, and for fuel.  Many health benefits relate to using this particular type of oil. Benefits relate to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. Add drops and tablespoons of our Olinda Olive Oil to your diet for a healthier lifestyle. We believe our oil is extra special due to our quintessential location, Olinda, Maui.” -Olinda Olive Orchard

This company’s story…

The owners & founders of Olinda Olive Orchard, Sal & Erin

The owners & founders of Olinda Olive Orchard, Sal & Erin

The owners & founders of Olinda Olive Orchard, Sal & Erin

The owners & founders of Olinda Olive Orchard, Sal & Erin

“There is no “lightning bolt from the sky” moment for how this olive tree journey began. Prior to retirement, Sal and Erin (owners and founders) were directly involved in the medical field.  The cultivation of olive trees presented the perfect segue to promote health and wellness. Pondering over the empty but steep parcel of land they owned, olives began to appear as a potential crop. After meeting Josh Woodburn of Maui Olive Company, the discussion led to serious plans for olive cultivation and the birth of Olinda Olive Orchard began in 2011.” -Olinda Olive Orchard

Olinda Olive Orchard’s goal is producing cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Did you know…


“Simply put, olive oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees. Think of it as 1, 2, 3….pick, wash, crush = oil. If only it were that simple! Oil extraction is a complex process that has been perfected over the years.  Long ago they used two huge stones smashing olives to obtain oil, but today steel blades are regularly used.”

“Here at Olinda Olive Orchards we hand pick every olive. Family and friends graciously volunteer during harvest. Harvest time occurs once a year, usually between September-November, yet the timing may vary. Mother nature is the most important player here as we wait for the olives to show us when they are ready to pick.”

“The olives get placed into an olive mill as close to harvesting as possible. The mill washes, separates leaves and crushes the olives with sharp stainless steel blades into a paste. This paste is mixed releasing oil droplets before being transferred into a large centrifuge where separation of the components of the paste takes place: oil, water and solids. Once all water and solids are removed the end result is our wonderful liquid oil. The oil is held in stainless steel containers (Fustis) and bottled in one to two weeks.” -Olinda Olive Orchard

Come try this local company’s olive oil on December 16th at Mana Foods. They will be doing an in-store demo from 11am-2pm!

*All images are from Olinda Olive Orchard