Big discounts on Big Island Organics, and the story on this awesome company…  


At Mana Foods we love to keep it local, and for us quality is a must! Big Island Organics has been a long-time favorite of ours because not only do they check these boxes, but their products are simple, healthy and incredibly tasty (a rare and winning combo).


Before we get into their story, we thought we'd spread the word that during the month of February all Big Island Organics products at Mana Foods are being sold at a 20% discount! We carry their Hawaiian Gingerade (16oz & 32oz), Gingerade Mate (16oz & 32oz), and Island Lemonade (16oz). So get here and get some!

"Our mission is to provide high quality, life enhancing products and in 1996, Hawaiian Gingerade was brought to life on the Big Island. Big Island Organics' story began in Captain Cook, Hawaii where Greg Petersen and Kristal Roach prepared their first gingerade from locally grown lemons, local honey, and ginger grown by their friends on the island. Soon, Hawaiian Gingerade made its way to the local brewery's menu and then to grocery stores becoming a local favorite." 
"Two decades later, Big Island Organics still strives to maintain the spirit they crafted on that farm back in 1996 by keeping their recipes 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free. Today, these delicious varieties of "gingerades" and lemonades are offered at natural and organic food stores across the country!"
"Big Island Organics' beverages are remarkably versatile, whether you're sipping a chilled gingerade on the beach, or warming it up in a mug to create a simple, soothing cold remedy. You can even make it into a zesty meat or tofu marinade for your next barbecue! Cocktail mixers, freezer pops, smoothies... The possibilities are endless! Paradise is calling, find it at Mana Foods!"

For fun ways to mix it up with Big Island Organics beverages check out their recipes!

And to learn more about their products and company feel free to visit their website!

Cheers to tasty, local, organic, and healthy… we’ll drink to that!

*all images and quotes sourced (locally) from BI Organics!