Hydro Flasks! ... A Simple Love Story

A Glimpse Into Hydro Flask & Their Water Bottles That Stole the Show! 

With the slogan "Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier." and a requests that we "Join on their mission to save the world from lukewarm" it seems as though Hydro Flask has got their bases covered! 

And, at Mana Foods, we can barely finish stocking these bottles before they sell out. So we decided to learn a thing or two about the company and their products...

  • The Company was founded in 2009, in Bend, Oregon
  • Hydro Flask uses double wall insulation (TempShield™) to protect temperature from outside elements allowing cold  to stay icy cold for up to 24 hours, hot to stay steaming hot for up to 6 hours, and no condensation

  • The Company launched the first all-insulated bottle line-up into the market

  • They hit 1 million in sales by 2011

  • They then turned their attention to the beer market and launched the first-ever insulated growler

  • In 2015, they expanded in Europe, with plans to go worldwide by the end of 2016 

  • They now offer over 100 products in four different categories:  hydration, coffee, beer and food

And, while The Team at Mana was on the topic, a few thoughts of our own Hydro Flask experiences and/or sentiments came to mind... 

  • They're reusable! Anything that moves us away from single use plastic and supports less waste is automatically a winner in our book 

  • The ice doesn't melt! It just doesn't, even on the hottest Maui day, the Hydro Flask does its job and does it well

  • The coffee or tea is anything but lukewarm, even hours after its been made

  • We love well-made, simple, functional products

Finally, my personal Hydro Flask confessions... 

  • I cannot live without my Hydro Flask (not literally of course, but almost) 

  • My boyfriend refers to my Hydro Flask as "the baby"

  • There have been an embarrassing number of times that I've turned around and driven back to my house just to retrieve my forgotten Hydro Flask - the day simply doesn't work without it 

  • I once left my Hydro Flask on a plane and what resulted was nothing short of a border-line crazed dash to Mana to buy a replacement

  • I've given Hydro Flasks as gifts to pretty much everyone I can think of. Lucky them, right? Wrong! The Hydro Flask has officially set the gift giving bar way too high, and it's all down hill from here

So there it is, we love Hydro Flasks, and we are proud to shout it from the roof tops!     

Written By Haley Ferguson | Source: Hydro Flask