Things I Overheard At Mana, And So Glad I did ... God Is Watching Us, Or So I Was Told

Here's the third addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did"

Considering the plethora of interesting daily occurrences that take place at Mana, we feel this series of short stories is too good to keep to ourselves, and hope you enjoy! 

God Is Watching Us, Or So I Was Told

One morning, as I exited Mana Foods I noticed a man seated alone on the ground out in front of the store. He was wearing a pair of large headphones and loudly singing a song I didn't recognize. When he noticed me, he looked me directly in the eyes, and without taking off his headphones he confidently announced, 

"Michael Jackson is God, and you better get it together man!"

It was clear that he was talking to me and so I nodded and slowly walked away. The man continued singing and the day carried on like any other. 

By Haley Ferguson | 8/19/16 | Short Stories From Mana Foods