Things I overheard at Mana, and so glad I did ... "Find Your Inner Goddess!"

"Find your inner goddess!"

Happy Wednesday! The following is the 6th addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did."

It was a normal Mana experience - the store was bustling with chatter as people shopped.

The thing about chatter is that it's usually just background noise, UNLESS you're at Mana Foods, in which case it's an audible treasure trove. 


A conversation between two women caught my attention... one of the woman asked her friend a very standard question:

"What are you doing this Sunday?"

The other women excitedly answered with what I determined to be the "Mana Foods Treasure of the day" 

"There's going to be a goddess sweat!"

I forced myself to just continue on walking down the aisle in order to avoid awkwardly standing  there while I noticeably eavesdropped on the remainder of their conversation.


When I left the store I still had absolutely no clue what a "Goddess Sweat" entailed, and had a strong mental image that was ambiguously different than any other. 

The whole thing made me laugh out out loud. I had just stumbled upon yet another strange little gem amidst the Mana Foods treasure trove. And, I walked away with a brand new appreciation for the abnormal, the art of accidental eavesdropping, and a reminder that chatter should never be overlooked as background noise, but rather the thing that just might make your day. 


By Haley Ferguson 1/10/17