Love it up in all kinds of ways!

Happy valentines day, Maui! Hooray, for today is the perfect day to love and be loved!


Hoping you're all remembering to take an extra moment to love your lover, friends, pets, life, yourself, Maui & the present moment!

Everyone deserves lots of love in their life and, since love is contagious, the world around you will infinitely feel it when love is in the air! 

And, along the lines of Mana Foods, Valentines Days, gratitude, and love, we thought we'd share and excerpt from an interview with Ed Thielk, The Founder of Mana Foods


What’s your favorite thing about Mana?

“The business itself. I absolutely love this business and the content of this business. I love the freedom to keep it on a trajectory of improvement. Mana Foods is the antithesis of corporate and I am so proud of that.” 
“I love that it’s unique, constantly growing and evolving while remaining true to it’s core values. All decisions are made in-house with the intent to improve and grow the business.” 
“I love that our amazing tight-knit team gets to make all the rules. We get to decide to…
  • be more environmentally friendly & take the steps do so
  • carry products from as many local companies as we possibly can
  • always prioritize organic food
  • compost all of our organic waste from the kitchen
  • ...And, so much more...