Straws AND The Environment

Unfortunately single use plastic is widely overused and our environment is visibly suffering. Plastic straws play a significant role in this dilemma, which is why we love the alternative that GlassDharma Straws offers.

Mana Foods admires many things about this company, and proudly sells GlassDharma Straws. Our selection of their straws are currently 25% off and are located located in the housewares section, in the back of the store near the bulk food.

“Since March of 2007 GlassDharma has been producing glass drinking straws. The GlassDharma mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic.” 

GlassDharma’s straws are…

  • Reusable
  • Kid safe
  • Free of toxins and therefor do not release toxins into your food as you drink
  • Part of the solution… each time you use your glass straw, one less plastic straw ends up in the landfill
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Great for cold and hot drinks
  • Guaranteed… If they don’t meet your expectations, return for a full refund
  • Covered with a lifetime guarantee against breakage
  •  Hand-made in the U.S.A.

The Focus At GlassDharma…

“With the immense amount of plastic (especially single-use plastics) being dumped into our landfills and oceans, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with no easy solution in sight. There is no one single answer to our planet's pollution problems but we believe in significant progress through a number of avenues… At GlassDharma, our focus is to do what we can do and what we do best. Single use plastic is not only one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution, it’s also one of the (relatively) easier issues to remedy – at least when it comes to stopping the pollution. Cleaning up what is already there is another topic for discussion. Our company's focus is on making high quality drinking straws right here in Fort Bragg, California.”

Plastics are a problem…

“Plastic bags, plastic water (or drink) bottles and plastic straws make up the bulk of single use plastics in our world and is a huge percentage of what is ending up in our oceans and landfills. Recycling can be a smokescreen solution when it comes to an effective remedy. The pitifully small percentage of plastics that are recycled will not significantly reduce the amount of new plastics produced or reduce the amount of plastic pollution.”

Plastic straws are a huge problem…

“Plastic straws are always in the top 10 of items collected during beach cleanups. Some folks ask ‘Why do we need a beverage delivery system, anyway?’ Well, it's true that up until about 100 years ago nobody had one, so they’re not essential for the average person for survival, but here's the catch… A large population shows no willingness to do without their straws, so as long as there are people that want to use drinking straws, then we need to find materials and processes that do not impact our planet the way plastic straws currently do.”

Recycling can only do so much…

Although recycling is always better than not, creating less waste to start with is definitely better. The following is commonly unknown and is sadly the truth of the matter.

  • “Plastic that is recycled is actually ‘down-cycled’, usually only a few times before it ends up in our landfills & oceans.”
  • “The amount of plastic that is recycled is such a small percent that it’s hardly worth mentioning (think single digits here).”
  • “Even so-called ‘green’ plastics (made from plant sources instead of oil) behave the same way as oil based plastics – and do as much harm.”

At Mana we believe that there is always a more environmentally friendly option, especially when it comes to single use plastic. Thanks to companies like GlassDharma we get to offer these types of products in our store, and provide better solutions to plastic straws.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to steering clear from single use plastic in order to be part of the solution rather than the problem! Malama da aina!

*all photos & quotes are from the GlassDharma website