Behind the Scenes of Mana's Zero Waste Efforts

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At Mana Foods we believe in zero waste efforts. Maui is small, and we work to do everything we can to take care of our beautiful island home. The following is a bit from behind the scenes of our produce department. We thought this may be interesting and inspiring to our valued customers. Thanks for the continued support, and thanks for taking the time to read about some of our environmentally friendly efforts.

In the produce department we strive to achieve Zero landfill waste in several ways…

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Starting with the boxes our fresh produce is delivered in…

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First, we break the boxes down and then reuse them. Any boxes that we do not reuse at Mana we make sure to return to local farmers who we get our produce from. This way the farmers can repurpose them on their farm, which in turn helps to keep the cost of local farm expenses down. Any remaining boxes or cardboard that may be unsuitable for reuse are recycled. 

Also, any “scratch and dent” fresh produce items are reduced in price for the general public to purchase...

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Anything not suitable for price reduction is used by Mana’s in-house juice department and kitchen to create fresh juices or “ready-made” dishes.

Any items not suitable for processing are composted in special compost bins and used by several local farmers in organic composting projects.

We believe that when it comes to the environment, every little bit counts. We’re proud to be part of this community, and equally as proud to be able to run our business in ways that leave as small of a footprint as possible. Mahalo from all of us at Mana!

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