Every day is a different story... A piece from our employee interviews series.

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Every day is a different story... A piece from our employee interviews series.

Naila Brown is a 20+ year Mana Foods employee and here is a peek into her world…

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Need a smile to brighten your day?  Come visit the Mana Foods deli!  Naila Brown has been working at the deli at Mana Foods for over 20 years. Prior to her long-time career at the store, Naila worked as a cocktail waitress, at Nagata’s Store, in the pineapple field at Maui Land & Pine and as a Japanese cook at Kihatas in Paia. At the beginning, Naila had very little to no experience working in a deli, but now you can surely call her an expert.

“I love my job!”

Naila explained why Mana Foods is her fun place. 

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“It is quite a sociology experiment working in such a busy environment.”

Over the years, Naila has learned a great deal working with so many different people.  She loves meeting customers and learning how to keep calm in busy chaos. She is a forever student of life and loves to come to work every day, happy to interact with the array of customers that visit the Mana Foods Deli as well as the employees.

The big lesson…

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Naila has no complaints about working at Mana Foods all these years. In fact, she loves her job! She has been treated well and looks forward to her shift each day. A word of advice from Naila…

“Come in to work in a good mood, make your day all about Mana and when you walk out the door, leave everything behind.”