This darling girl needs your help…


At Mana Foods we’re so sad to learn about what is happening to sweet little Kahalau ‘Ahu’ula Ray Au Hoon, and we’ve chosen to donate December’s Bag Credit earnings to her in hopes of aiding in her recovery.

She is only 3 years old and on 7/11/17 was diagnosed with stage 3 Neuroblastoma. Every time you bring your own bag to Mana Foods during the month of December, a portion of your total will be donated to her recovery fund.

“Neuroblastoma is a cancer often found in the small glands on top of the kidneys (adrenal glands). It can develop in the belly, chest, neck, pelvis, and bones. Children ages five or younger are most commonly affected.”

Her family is working hard to give her a fighting chance and we hope to help them during this very tragic time.

“We watched our otherwise happy and healthy daughter deteriorate before our eyes in May, and in June she had a hard time walking. When she was complaining about leg pain and not wanting to stand anymore we took her to the ER where a CT scan revealed good news… no brain tumors as suspected. We didn’t give up and after a week of MRI’s, Spinal Tap, and CT of her abdomen we found a large tumor the size of her kidney and stomach combined. A biopsy was done to reveal the deadly Neuroblastoma. Surgery was not an option as it grew around main blood vessels, so chemotherapy treatment started the next day to start shrinking the tumor. She has been through 3 rounds of chemo and has 3 rounds to go. So far the tumor has shrunk more than 50% and has not spread. After her next round more scans will be done to see if it is safe to perform surgery on the remaining tumor. She is walking again and staying strong amidst the heavy medicines needed to kill her cancer. She has had her healthy bone marrow and stem cells collected and frozen to rescue her after heavy chemo will be given at round 6. A transplant of her marrow and stem cells will be given after chemo which takes a month in isolation. A round of radiation is scheduled as well as immunotherapy. She will then be put on a low dose maintenance chemo for two years following this road map to make sure if it comes back it is attacked right away. We will fight for her and never give up!” – Kahalau’s Family

Please remember to bring your bag (any bag), doesn't have to be a Mana Foods bag) when you shop at Mana and lets all come together to support this local child and family.