The simplest way to support local education and the environment this month...


Being able to support our community is one of the major perks of being a longstanding business here on Maui. We’re proud to be family owned and operated and feel that our community is a glorious extension of our immediate family-you’re our Mana Ohana.

Paia Elementary School (picture from PE Website)

Paia Elementary School (picture from PE Website)


That being said, all of our January bag credit earnings are being donated to Paia Elementary, and all you have to do to participate is bring your own grocery bag (any bag) when you shop at Mana. In other words, by reusing a shopping bag you get to give back to a local elementary school while also supporting the environment.

One of Mana's biggest priorities when it comes to supporting the community is making sure that we give back as much as we can to local education and this month it brings us great joy donate to Paia Elementary! 


Thank you so much for for supporting us, it’s what keeps our world turning and what allows us to be able to give back this amazing community.