Maka By Mana receives praise from The Maui News

We're so proud of our sister company, Maka By Mana, who has gracefully and successfully undergone quite a bit of change since it opened. Maka, currently located inside of Mana Foods (on the left hand side as you walk in the front door of Mana), was mentioned in The Maui News Scene on Thursday, August 17th, 2017.  

"Mana Foods' raw juice bar keeps bowling people over in its current location in the health-food store on Baldwin Avenue in Paia. The little niche at the front left of the store is called Maka By Mana."
" 'There is a lot of creativity going on in there,' says Mana Foods' partner Theresa Thielk. 'They not only do raw juices, tonics and smoothies, but they make all the raw food for the store.' "
"Come and sip the Pink Dragon smoothie made with dragon fruit, raspberries, apples, bananas and lime. Or savor eggless salad, a parfait or an acai bowl." -Maui News