"The Best Local Grocery To Find Organic, Gluten Free, Locally Grown Produce & Fresh Pastries On The Island"

The glowing review of Mana Foods from http://www.davefutch.com/mana-foods-paia-maui/ makes us proud and so grateful!

The article starts by saying...

"On 49 Baldwin Avenue in Paia you will find what looks like an ordinary looking grocery store from the outside.  But don’t  be fooled, because Mana Foods is nothing ordinary! It’s actually quite extraordinary in it’s variety and selection of whole, natural foods  and offerings."
"Once you step inside and look around, you will see it’s the best local grocery to find organic, gluten free, locally grown produce and fresh pastries on the island.  There is a bakery, a beauty/supplement area, bulk spices and other bulk ingredients, non-GMO items, hot and cold prepared dishes, raw food bar, fresh produce, fresh juices and so much more. Surprisingly, many items you may even be able to get for a fraction of the cost of a juice bar joint on the mainland.  It is that reasonable! The staff is helpful and very knowledgeable."

It continues on with reviews of the grocery, produce, meat, health & beauty, specialty cheese, deli, bakery, raw food and salad bar departments. 

The produce department review is particularly awesome and put huge smiles on our faces...

" 'No trip to Mana Foods would be complete without a walk down the longest, most colorful, and alive aisle in the store.' quoted right off Mana Foods web site, and let me tell you, it’s TRUE! It is simply beautiful!  The fruits and vegetables are amazingly colorful and full of tropical exotics!"

In regards to the environment and community, the article states...

"Mana Foods uses biodegradable plastic wear and to-go containers that are made from corn. They also allow local farmers to pick-up any compost that they have. Throughout the store, you’ll notice that they’ve installed LED lights. Other than caring for the environment, Mana Foods also cares for the community by donating to different organizations every month. A list of these organizations can be found on their website."

At Mana Foods we're always striving to do our absolute best on all fronts and reviews such as this one make us feel appreciated and honored to be such a big part of the Maui community. Many mahalos!