13 Glowing Reviews of Mana Foods by HappyCow.Net

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Happy Cow describes Mana Foods as...

"A moderate size store that's very well-stocked with everything at reasonable prices. Fresh fruit and vegetable includes local and organic selections, bulk staple, frozen and refrigerated food, packaged dried food, plus a vitamins and supplements section. The in-house bakery makes fresh breads and pastries, including vegan and wheat-free cookies and cakes. The deli features salad, hot foods, prepared raw food, natural juices, changing soups, and sushi. Has a drinking water machine inside as well as a soft serve machine with one dairy and sometimes one non-dairy option. Housed in a rustic, old building and has a parking lot beside it." -HappyCow.Net

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"Our purpose is to make healthy food easy to find and more accessible.
Staffed and run by vegans and vegetarians, HappyCow was founded in 1999 as a public service to assist travelers and people everywhere find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food. Today, our online community has grown to include members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than simply a restaurant and health food store guide, HappyCow is an ever-evolving online hub that serves millions worldwide as a one-stop resource for everything VEG." -HappyCow.Net

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