photo (9)Mana Foods is rated second best restaurant in Paia by Trip Advisor, with Mama’s Fish House being number one. Including head chef Anne Gale, who has been with us for 16 years, there are 7-8 chefs in our kitchen per day, and they are all dedicated to keeping our deli rocking!

Everything in our deli is made fresh daily from scratch using the purest ingredients. We use only extra virgin olive oil, and our soy sauce is gluten-free. Produce used in the kitchen is sourced from our store, which is over 50% local and 90% organic. We offer a diverse menu of tasty dishes that vary from tropical Thai specialties to local favorites such as Kahlua pork.

photo (13)We are also introducing our fresh pasta made in-house by Marco our Italian expert extraordinaire and his lovely wife Dana! You can find our newest dish, fresh spinach ricotta ravioli in tomato sauce, at the deli on select days.

Come in and enjoy our balanced selection of fresh fish and meat, vegetarian lunch specialties, desserts, salads, soups, crackers, entrees and wraps!