Practice safe sun... Our suggestions on reef safe and human safe skin care!

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Mana Foods takes pride in providing our customers with choices in food, drinks, produce, vitamins and body care.  We strive to pick out the best, carry a large selection and encourage you to make the best choice for YOU!

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Practice safe sun… Get your reef safe and human safe skin care at Mana Foods!

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So far, it’s been a sunny and hot spring and summer is just around the corner.  Whether you live on Maui or are traveling from afar, sunscreen is a must have for everyone.  Most are starting to catch on to the damaging effects of many troublesome ingredients in mainstream sunscreens such as oxybenzone, which can be a cause of hormone disruption and toxicity.

Luckily, when you shop at Mana Foods, we offer almost 50 chemical free sunscreens to choose from. Visit our vitamin room to check out the selection! Both reef safe and human safe skin care products are rising in popularity and it’s always wise to read the ingredient list!  There are several products that make a great impression. 

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Here’s one special company and product that is made in Hawaii…

Kōkua Sun Care is an Oahu company started by ocean loving people and supports local farms and businesses.  The packaging is appealing, and the product performs!  Kōkua Sun Care is the revolution in reef safe sunscreen serving up high performance and maximum protection in the form of a moisturizing lotion.

What makes this sunscreen special?

Kōkua Sunscreen is a non nano zinc sunscreen made with 25% zinc (the highest percentage on the market) as the only active ingredient plus 7 Hawaiian grown antioxidant-rich ingredients including Spirulina, Noni honey and fruit, Plumeria extract, Kukui nut oil, Macadamia nut oil and Hawaiian coffee fruit extract.

Hawaiian superfood for the skin…

It's Hawaiian superfood for the skin that will protect and nourish you from the mountains to the oceans.  Kōkua Sun Care supports organizations advocating for the health of the oceans and coral reefs and participates in community events as part of its overall effort to educate consumers about the toxic effects of chemical sunscreens not just on marine life but also on human health.

Curious about sun & ocean conditions at your favorite beach?

Second Wind has been in business for over 30 years and carries a large selection of rash guards and water sports equipment you might need for your beach adventures.  Check out their webcam at to check on surf and sun anytime!