Healthy Guilty Pleasures

Many people come to Mana Foods to find a pupu to bring to a party or snacks to take to the beach.  Fruits, cheese, spreads and dips with your favorite cracker, chip or FRESH BAKED Mana Foods bread is typically an ultimate choice (fast and easy).  At Mana Foods, we take pride in our selection in each section of the store and have something for everyone.

Let’s support our community…


We carry many local brands of healthy dips and love them all.  Please peruse our local selection of hummus, salsas and dips when shopping for your next party or beach day. 

We love Maui Raw and here’s why…

When a product stands out, we love to give it recognition.  Have your tried Maui Raw spreads?  If not, you might be missing out on your new favorite Maui made product!

Maui Raw is committed to using FRESH ingredients and developing symbiotic relationships with farmers on the island of Maui.  They make a sincere effort to foster personal relationships with growers and local businesses, making certain that the highest quality ingredients are being used.  Maui Raw takes great pride in making their contribution to the community by supporting local growers, keeping small farms in business and helping owners, their employees and their families thrive. 

maui raw photo1.jpg

The end result… The ultimate vegan, non-GMO, raw and local product!


Maui Raw Cultured Macadamia Nut Spreads are made with 100% organically grown Hawaiian macadamia nuts and do not contain any dairy, gluten or soy.   Michelle Valentin, creative founder of Maui raw developed a unique process for gently culturing a blend of macadamia nuts and beneficial probiotics.  In addition to being creamy, mild in flavor and a black canvas for the adventurous flavor combinations, macadamia nuts are high in antioxidants, contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and low levels of polyunsaturated fats.  The extra bonus is that macadamia nuts are an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

We carry Maui Raw’s full selection of healthy spreads flavored with tasty blends of herbs and spices.  You can find these awesome spreads in the refrigerated section of our store.  SHOP LOCAL, BUY LOCAL!