"HEALTH IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT" ... At Mana Foods We Agree & Are Excited To Introduce Hawaii Natural Products & Their Beliefs Regarding The Incredible Health Benefits Of The Noni Fruit!

Hawaii Natural Products, "Dedicated to making the best Noni products available and sharing them with the world," is a local company that Mana is very proud to work with and excited to introduce to you! 

Primary Health Benefits of Noni (source: Hawaii Natural Products)

  • Supports anti-inflammation

  • Supports healthy digestion

  • Supports healthy circulation

  • Helps with pain relief

  • High in Vitamin-C

  • Supports Immune sytem 

  • Relieves constipation 

  • Has antibacterial properties

“We are a small company  located on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best  Noni products available. We  manufacture most of our products ourselves at our factory in Kahului. Our  juice and capsules are made from Hawaiian Organic Noni fruit and our Body Care products are all natural and vegan . We  always make sure to use only the highest quality ingredients available.  We are proud to say that  our products are truly " Made in Maui". Our customers health and well being will always be our number one priority and we are happy to share all that Hawaii has to offer with the world. Mahalo for supporting Hawaii Natural Products.” -Hawaii Natural Products

Mana Foods' Vitamin Room Department regularly carries the following products by Hawaii Natural Products.

  • Noni Juice (Regular and Unpasteurized  

  • Noni Capsules

  • Noni Ginger Turmeric Tonic

About Hawaii Natural Products' Noni Juice 

  • Noni is Hawaii's super-fruit, also known as Hawaii's number one herbal healing fruit. It is native to southeast Asia and well known throughout the Hawaiian and Polynesian islands.
  • Noni is a small evergreen tree that produces a yellow/white fruit resembling a bumpy lemon all year long. It takes between 12 and 18 Noni fruit to fill our 32oz bottle.
  • You will taste and feel the health benefits of our certified organic, enzyme and micro-nutrient rich Noni juice. 
  • Extended use among Hawaiian healers supports the fact that Noni contains valuable compounds that promote healthy living and well being. Modern medical research is now underway to confirm Noni's value as a healing plant. 
  • We use traditional aging and fermentation processes handed down from long ago. We have standardized the process to help maximize the potentially active micro organisms and beneficial components for which Noni is known.
  • Our 100% pure Hawaiian RAW Noni juice has a unique and robust flavor that is simply superior to the other diluted, non-traditional Noni juices on the market.

About Hawaii Natural Products' Noni Capsules

  • Noni capsules have the same benefits as our 100% pure noni juice and also contain the seed and fiber of the fruit.
  • Noni capsules are excellent for keeping regular eliminations (helps prevent and alleviate constipation) and have additional anti-fungal properties.
  • Noni capsules are currently being used in an anti-tumor research project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
  • The capsules are lightweight and packed in plastic bottles making them an excellent choice for traveling.
  • One capsule is equal to about 3/4 tablespoon of juice.
  • You will feel the health benefits of our USDA and HOFA certified organic enzyme and micro-nutrient rich Noni capsules. Noni is Hawaii's number one herbal healing fruit. It's importance and extended use among Hawaiian healers supports the fact that Noni contains valuable compounds that promote healthy living and well being.

About Hawaii Natural Products' Noni Ginger Turmeric Tonic  

  • Our Noni Ginger Turmeric Tonic combines 3 of the most potent herbs available, Organic Hawaiian Turmeric root, Organic Yellow Hawaiian Ginger root, Organic Hawaiian Noni juice with Maui raw honey and organic apple cider vinegar to deliver one of the best herbal blends available.
  • Formulated to help boost your immune system and fight off inflammation.
  • All of our ingredients are sustainably farmed in Hawaii. No sugar, no water, no colorant, no chemicals added.

Mana Foods Prioritizes carrying the highest-quality, most environmentally friendly, locally made products by well-run, honest companies. And, on the topic of supporting this mission, we're so grateful for, and happy to work with companies such as Hawaii Natural Products, who's values on this front align directly with ours! 

Aloha and thanks for reading!