Natural Deodorants That Actually Work? Problem Solved!

Are there natural deodorants, for both men and women, that really work? Here are a few of my best answers...

I find this question to be quite common. People seem to be perpetually in search of a natural deodorant that seriously works (even for the stinkiest of people).

I used to be one of these people. And, throughout my relentless, lengthy search I often found that most natural deodorants either did absolutely nothing, or left me wondering if my body oder smelled worse than if I'd skipped the deodorant all together. But, I finally found a few answers, even for the sweatiest, smelliest underarms!

Thanks To Nature De France LeStick Deodorant and Aubrey Organics Deodorant, the search (at least for me) is permanently over. And, the reviews from several others, in a similar predicament who took my advice, have been overwhelmingly positive. 

I realize that I may sound a bit like an infomercial right now, and for that I'm sorry (to both you and myself). However, I honestly think that this issue is an important one, and I know that a lot of people are looking for answers on this front. 

Also, this is not just about smelling bad ... The use of toxic deodorants has been linked to increased risks of Alzheimer's, various types of Cancer, and many other horrible health issues.

So, for the sake of personal hygiene and health, I will stomach the temporary infomercial-ish tone, and hopefully we'll all walk away with a few answers. 

For Women My Recommendation is Le Stick Deodorant (sold in the Mana Foods Vitamin Room), an all natural french white clay deodorant made by Nature De France.

It's an aluminum free deodorant, made with mineral rich white clay and baking soda, and keeps you dry and stink-free! It does not contain any alcohol, aluminum, artificial preservatives or colorants, and there is no animal testing done with this product.

For Men My Recommendation is Men's Stock Natural Dry Herbal Pine Deodorant made by Aubrey Organics (sold in the Mana Foods Vitamin Room).

This deodorant is made with all natural and vegan ingredients. "Natural herbal extracts keep you fresh-smelling all day without harsh ingredients or preservatives." -Aubrey Organics

It does not contain glyceryl linolenate, fragrance, or cetyl-alcohol, and there is no animal testing done with this product.

So, maybe give these two products a shot, I would not have the time or energy to sit here and write this if I didn't honestly think that they're worth using! Best of luck with the natural deodorant search, hopefully this ends it for many of you once and for all!

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and although I highly recommend both of these products, these recommendations are based purely on my personal experience of them.


By Haley Ferguson | 9/30/16 | New & Featured Products | Mana Foods