Mana Foods Loves Supporting Local Businesses & Is Proud to Carry Soap by Maui Soap Company!

At Mana Foods, supporting local, likeminded businesses is very high on our priority list, & we're proud to carry soaps by Maui Soap Company!

In the name of supporting overall conscious business practices, we wanted to send a warm Mahalo to all likeminded companies & consumers.

And, we wanted to send an especially big "Thank You" to Maui Soap Company for being a great example of a local company that is striving to be the best they can be. 

Maui Soap Company believes in being handmade & locally made, using natural ingredients, ethically sourcing ingredients & supporting the community of Maui with community involvement! These are all values that we also hold very dear to us at Mana Foods. 

And, on that note, from all of us at Mana Foods, cheers to the beautiful island of Maui & the support of local, likeminded businesses!

Image Source:  Maui Soap Company

Image Source: Maui Soap Company