Things I Overheard At Mana, And So Glad I Did ... Listen To Your Inner Voice!

Here's the 4th addition to the blog series "Things I Overheard at Mana, and So Glad I Did"

Considering the plethora of interesting daily occurrences that take place at Mana, we feel this series of short stories is too good to keep to ourselves, and hope you enjoy! 

Listen to your Inner Voice!

I was passing by two people chatting in the produce aisle of Mana Foods.

I've learned to pay close attention to these otherwise seemingly mundane moments, and sure enough, on this particular day, a gem floated by for the taking.

" guided meditation led me to Mana Foods..."

And that was all it took to put a little smile on my face and make me feel as though my daily Mana experience was complete. 

By Haley Ferguson | 9/19/16 | Short Stories From Mana Foods